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This commentary is titled “The Heart of the Matter”, this is the name of a famous song made popular by Don Henley, of the Eagles. As so often happens, the melodies of music and the lyrics of songs truly speak to us. What I will focus here, is matter about education, but what I am […]

The pace of change in the world today is a feature of daily life in the 21st Century. Educators who were in schools 30 years ago will remember the anticipated arrival of computers into daily life. Probably not many people fully realised the full impact of the rapid development of Information and Communications Technology daily […]

Teaching for Understanding An Introduction for Thai teachers Shifting the Educational Paradigm  to Student Centered Teaching and Learning Article:1 By Greg Cairnduff,  Director The Australian International School of Bangkok  January  2012         Introduction This article is a  contribution to the  discussion about moving Thai education  from rote learning as the pedagogical norm, towards […]

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Getting Down to Brass Tacks: Making Student -Centered Learning Work in Thailand Starting at the Teachers Colleges There seems to be a common consensus among educators that teachers colleges throughout Thailand need to be doing more in order to prepare future teachers to meet the challenge of fulfilling the mandates of the Education Act of 1999.  […]

Ms Ellen Cornish and Dr Don W Jordan Our classroom experience has shown us that the many benefits of moving away from rote learning to an integrated learning classroom, is that skills, values and understandings can best be taught and assessed within meaningful ‘connected’ contexts. Based on our understanding of students’ needs, interests, prior knowledge […]

OUR FEATURE ARTICLE FOR JULY 2011: STUDENT-CENTERED LEARNING: DEMYSTIFYING THE MYTH Chutima Thamraksa Teacher-centered or teacher-direct orientation has long been the focus of education in Thailand. This approach has placed an emphasis on rote learning or memorization rather than developing the thinking skills of learners. The drawback of the system is seen through the passive and dependent learners, […]

OUR FEATURE ARTICLE FOR August 2011: Student-centred learning: What does it mean for students and lecturers? Tim McMahon Geraldine O’Neill and Tim McMahon University College Dublin E-mail: / reprinted here with the permission of both authors Introduction The term student-centred learning (SCL) is widely used in the teaching and learning literature. Many terms […]

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