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By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D.  editor-in-chief SCLThailand found the newly appointed minister of education’ s remarks refreshing at the recent “first digital  town meeting”.  The meeting was reported on in the Nation newspaper’s January 5, 2017 edition. For years now the editors of SCLThailand have been deeply  concerned and written about the sorry state of […]

Long Live the King

Long Live the King has been our web site’s banner headline since Student Centered Learning Thailand started. This banner will remain since for us our fond hope was two fold. First, that King Bhumibol the Great would live as long as possible and continue to inspire the nation. Now, sadly, the King has left us […]

Has it really been 7 years?!!?

By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D., editor-in-chief I am suffering from education reform fatigue. I suspect there are tens of thousands of reform fatigue sufferers here in Thailand who are concerned parents, concerned students and concerned educators. And so, on March 1, 2016, when I read yet another call for education reform article in the Bangkok […]

Student-Centered Best Practices

By Peter J.Foley, Ed.D. , editor-in-chief   Dr. Nancy Sulla’s recent article in SCLThailand advocates effectively the need for teachers to pave the way for students to drive their own learning.  In the author’s words: “the teacher must be able to differentiate instruction such that each student is working on challenging but achievable objectives.” Coincidentally, […]

By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D., editor-in-chief   This month’s article limns the important innovations in higher education taking place in China. Importantly, this education revolution is based on the principles of student centered learning. Significantly for Thailand, these educational reforms echo the reforms Thai lawmakers set forth in 1999 that, sadly, have not yet been […]

By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D A number of our readers did not agree that China is increasingly influential in Thai education. There was also some objection to Student Centered Learning Thailand having a story about Chinese education as a feature article. No doubt these same readers will be chagrined to see a follow up article […]

By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D., editor-in-chief Long and close ally to the U.S.A., Thailand is quickly becoming more neutral in global politics. Despite the United States Government‘s declared foreign policy of a pivot back to Asia, there is hardly a better example of the shift in super power influence than that taking place in Thailand. […]

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