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Sandy Hook and the ‘Abandoned Gunman’ … by Kru Dhon After shooting his mother at home, Adam Lanza, 20, passed through the gate of the Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, Conn., killed 20 Grade 1 students and six teachers, including the Principal, and before taking his own life.  Who is he? According to news […]

Concept Mapping in a Child Centred Classroom By Dr Don W Jordan and Ms Ellen Cornish Dr Don Jordan and MS Ellen Cornish are regular contributors to Their fourth article provides ideas for teachers who improve or add to their skills in student centred learning. Don taught in primary schools in Tasmania. His perspective […]

Learning In The Market

Making Entreprenurship a key part of school curriculum

Melvin Freestone .

Melvin Freestone B.A., B.A.(Mod), M.A., H.Dip.Ed., M.Sc. Consultant for Educational and Community Development Overview Educated at University of Dublin, Trinity College, Melvin Freestone has extensive experience in teaching as well as in school and curriculum development in primary and secondary schools. He has held Senior Teaching positions in Ireland and Tasmania.  Until recently he was […]

Part 3 Questions and Teaching By Melvin Freestone, September 2012. The role of teachers in ‘learner led’ education shifts to one of facilitator, coach, critical friend, manager, and where appropriate expert. In so doing they help learners to- Connect with the subject matters deemed important for living and working in the twenty first century, including […]

Part 1 Questions and Learning By Melvin Freestone, September 2012. Generative questions are gateways to inquiry, focus questions shape learning and explorative questions direct learning.  Each type of question has a particular value, role and function in learning.  When they are used in combination, they become powerful and empowering beyond words. By way of analogy […]

Part 2 Questions and Direction By Melvin Freestone, September 2012. The world is full of talk about where education needs to be going in the twenty first century.  To many this conversation appears light on realistic ways of acting.  Perhaps consideration of questions as drivers might help to bridge talk and action. Two fundamental issues […]

To paraphrase U.S. President Bill Clinton’s famous election mantra “it’s the economy, stupid”, my answer to what should be taught to students in the 21st century is:  it’s the three R’s, stupid. I don’t mean this in the tradition of conservative educators who periodically rise up in the middle of a progressive education moment and declare […]

Assessing Student Learning This article by two of our regular contributors, Ms Ellen Cornish and Dr Don Jordan, contributes to the discussion about Child Centred learning as it provides a practical example of how assessment is about more than testing rote learning. The article looks assessment of learning, assessment  for learning and assessment as learning. […]

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