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Current educational research concludes that the teacher is by far the most important factor in a student’s academic progress.   In Thailand  the  overall student academic performance ( according to PISA and other standardized measures) has fallen  over the past decade.   So, the burning question for Thailand’s educators is how to improve teacher performance. SCLThailand  continues […]

Greg Cairnduff, M Ed, BA Dip Ed, MACE, Deputy Managing Editor. As we come to the end of year 2012 [BE 2555] it is a time of reflection on what has happened in the year that is about to pass into history. Here at SCLThailand we can look back and see that many contributors have […]

By Peter J.Foley, Ed.D. This month’s feature article describes exceptional places where students learn entrepreneurial skills. These places and schools in Germany are exceptional. Teaching young people how to survive in business is not taught in schools here in Thailand or in most schools in the world. Strange, isn’t it? A great percentage of those […]

By Greg Cairnduff M Ed BA Dip ED MACE, Deputy Managing Director. This web site was established to assist Thai teachers in various aspects of teaching and learning, with heart of our mission being the desire to contribute  to the growth of student centred practices in Thai schools. We make no attempt to blame shame […]

By Greg Cairnduff M Ed BA Dip ED MACE, Deputy Managing Director. Improving teacher quality is an essential element in ensuring successful and productive learning outcomes for all students. Teacher quality and teacher performance are well documented and thoroughly researched as the key elements in achieving high performing schools. In those countries that score well […]

Since our last op ed article, here in Thailand government schools have begun first semester of the new school year. Just prior to start of the school year, in Bangkok one famous government school was in the news because Year 9 students and their parents were on a hunger   strike outside the school. This was […]

In teaching reading in any language, common sense goes a long way. Thais appear to have been blessed with more than their share of this essential society builder and aid to educating its citizens. It is not an accident that Thailand has an impressive literacy rate. Nevertheless, what Thai education policy makers want is even more success […]

I am always attracted to schools as I travel around, whether in Thailand or in other countries. Why? I guess it is because I wonder what the experience of education is like for the children in the schools. Travelling in three rural provinces of Southern Thailand recently, I admired the spectacular scenery of the off […]

This commentary is titled “The Heart of the Matter”, this is the name of a famous song made popular by Don Henley, of the Eagles. As so often happens, the melodies of music and the lyrics of songs truly speak to us. What I will focus here, is matter about education, but what I am […]

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