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Harrow tutor Mr. Mayo, circa 1888:  I don’t know what to do with you boys! Winston Churchill: Teach us, Sir! Every two months SCLThailand editors choose a school in Thailand and abroad where important aspects of student centered learning are practiced. In addition, a chosen school should also be a place that contains best practices that visiting educators can observe and learn from. The purpose of presenting these school located in Thailand, therefore, is to gather a group of schools we are are calling pathway schools that can offer Thai and international educators a place to learn student centered learning best practices.   

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   The Flat Earth – Opening the Eyes of Students in Two Different Parts of the World We recently posted an article which describes the distance education program between Sa Nguan Ying School in Suphanburi, Thailand, and Lodi High School in Lodi, Wisconsin, USA…. (Read more…)


 Distance Learning between a Thai High School and an American High School. Beef and green curry sizzle in hot woks as Lodi High School students prepare lunch on a cold December morning….. (Read more…)


Bank Street College – NYC Submitted by Dr. Peter Foley   … you don’t have to ask how the children are doing. You can access the students’ achievements and learning by simply looking all around you… (Read more…)


 Mae Chan in Chiangrai MaeChanWitayacom School A visit to the MaeChan Witiacom School in Chiangrai at the end of November provided an opportunity to compare and contrast the visit I had made in early November to the Chiangmai Demonstration School. (Read More…)
Chiangmai Demonstration School Smack dab in the middle of ChiangmaiUniversity is a pot of gold in terms of talented teenagers.  These teenagers  study at the Chiangmai Demonstration School (Read More…)
Prasarnmit  Demonstration Secondary School ” I discovered upon visiting the Prasarnmit Secondary Demonstration, creativity and  self –confidence being fostered  in the students. ” (Read more…)
THE SCHOOL FOR LIFE Location:  Chiangmai” These seven excellences are practical vocational learning opportunities that teachers at the school for life integrate in the morning academic learning and then help student actualize the learning in a specific project the produces real goods and services that sellable. “(Read more…)

Sumon at work
Sumon Goshwami
Shuktara home in Kolkata,India Submitted by Alison Saracena ” All of his boys have no family and many have had traumatic experiences prior to coming to his home so this often took some time. There was never any pressure to go to school but at some point, each boy decided that he wanted to attend school. ” (Read more…)


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School-for-Life Mechai Pattana School Satit Prasarnmit

International Schools of note: