Greg Cairnduff, M Ed, BA Dip Ed, MACE, Deputy Managing Editor.

As we come to the end of year 2012 [BE 2555] it is a time of reflection on what has happened in the year that is about to pass into history.

Here at SCLThailand we can look back and see that many contributors have helped us throughout the year, willingly giving their time and their expertise to us and we hand that on to our readers in both Thai and English, our hope is that this web site is helping teachers in Thai schools to prepare their students for the flat interconnected world that they will enter on leaving the Thai education system.

In just two more years the Asia Pacific Economic community will be in place with English language being the language of communication, Thai students will be competing with students from other South East Asian countries for a role in this economic community.

Apart from the ability to speak English there are many other skills that will provide a competitive edge for those who work in companies and organisations that are members of APEC. The capacity to think independently, to work as a member of a team and to have a high level of IT skill will be essential for participating APEC.

Thai teachers have a responsibility to develop these skills and capacities in those they teach. We are trying help with ideas and practical suggestions. This month’s feature article by our regular contributors Dr Don Jordan and Ms Ellen Cornish is a good example of what we are trying to do. Their article on Concept Mapping in a Child Centred Classroom provides practical examples of how this approach assists the development of thinking skills in students.

We trust our readers will enjoy the article.

On behalf of the Board of Management of SCLT, I wish all of our readers a very peaceful Christmas – New Year Season, and we hope that the New Year will bring success to all teachers as they endeavour to develop more student centred approaches in their class rooms.

Best wishes to all

Greg Cairnduff,

December 2012

Greg is Director of the Australian International School of Bangkok