Looks Like, Sounds Like, Feels Like

A teacher directed child centred classroom;




Whole Class Teaching.

























Small Groups.


























Individual Work.






















Looks like


  • The teacher ‘Tuning in’ and sharing ideas and resources with the whole class. This may include using various graphic organisers e.g. what I know, what I would like to know etc.
  • Opportunities for students to take risks in sharing their learning with their teacher and class.


  • Work spaces arranged so that students can be in close proximity to their teacher.

• The teacher giving time and encouragement to students in order to demonstrate their learning across curriculum areas.






  • Adequate work spaces for students.
  • Curriculum relevant to student needs and interests.


Small Groups



  • Classroom program arranged to allow students to find space and resources.


  •  Relevant and up to date resources.







Individual Work

  • Learning program developed so that students can enter at their level and be extended and challenged.


  • Teacher and student created rubrics for assessment.


  • Students displaying their learning in a number of ways, e.g talking, writing, art, drama etc.


Sounds like


  • Students being able to discuss their understandings and to make connections



  • Students explaining, discussing their learning with peers, teacher and parents.




















  • Students discussing and helping each other.
  • The teacher interacting with groups.


  • Students sharing their learning with the class through speaking, writing, drama, music, art.


  • Teacher making learning objectives clear.
















  •  The sound of discussion between students and between students and teacher.


  •  Students sharing their learning with peers, parents and teacher.


  • The teacher interacting with individuals.



Feels like


  • Warm and safe to share


  • To ask questions and give opinions.


  • Inviting and feeling part of the group.




















  • Warm and safe to share.
  • To ask questions and give opinions.
  • Inviting and feeling part of the group.
  • Students feeling encouraged  to share their understandings with others.



















  • Supportive environment so students feel comfortable to give thoughts and opinions.










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