About SCLT

Mission Statement:

To provide a center of discussion and information for progressive education reform in Thailand that will lead to a unity of purpose and action among  Thai and international educators to realize the Thai Ministry of Education’s student centered learning reform of 1999.


  1. The web site SCLThailand is  provided as a forum for information and discussion of progressive educational reform, including a special section on resources for student centered learning  on the web and discussion groups
  2. A semi -annual progressive education forum held in Bangkok for leading Thai and International educators featuring outstanding guest speakers. Members of SLCThailand can nominate choices for guest speakers
  3. Facilitating a network of pathway schools that share a common purpose of using student centered learning in their core curriculum in order to further student centered learning teacher training opportunities in Thailand

Editor in Chief and Managing Director: Foley’s Forecastle

Peter J. Foley,Ed.D. Visiting professor at Srinakarinwirot University ,faculty of social science. ; former Executive Vice President of the Prem International School (PTIS);  former Peace Corps Country Director for China; and former Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific ( and Russia) for FPIA the international arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

Deputy Managing Director: Greg Cairnduff

Greg Cairnduff. Currently Director of The Australian International School Bangkok.

Advisor and Commentator:

Apichai Puntasen, Ph.D. Director of the Rural and Social Management Institute (RASMI) Foundation for Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement Under Royal Patronage; former dean of the faculty of management science, Ubon Rajathanee University

Web Publishing and Translator:

Ms Prapapun Gongpermpoon. Director of the Rural and Social Management I

Senior Editors:

Porntip Kanjananiyot (Ms.) – master’s degrees from Columbia University (New York), in international education development and educational administration.

Tracking Student Centered Learning:

Chutima Thamraksa, Ph.D. , Associate Professor;  Director Bangkok University Language Institute

Student Centered Learning in China

Shi Jian,Ph.D.,  Vice President, Sichuan University

IB Schools:

Lister Hannah, President Emeritus of the Prem International School in Chiangmai, Thailand

Curriculum Development:

Sirmsree Chaisorn, Ph.D., Associate Professor , Faculty of Education, Chiangmai University; former dean of the Chiengmai University Faculty of Education

Child Centered Learning ages 4 to 12

Stan Chu, Senior  Faculty, Bank Street College Graduate School of Education

MOE moving towards reform:

Greg Cairnduff, Former Director of the Bachelor of Teaching Degree, Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia; currently director of the Australian International School, Bangkok.

School for Life Philosophy:

Jurgen Zimmer, Ph.D. , Professor Emeritus, Free University of Berlin; Founder of the International Academy for Innovative Pedagogy, Psychology and Economics; Co-Founder of the School for Life in Chiangmai.

Learner Active, Technology-Infused Classroom

Nancy Sulla, Ed.D. , President of Innovative Designs for Education

SCL Latest Research and Resources:

Barbara Kameniar, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Education, Melbourne University

SCL Mathematics and Teacher Training:

Yeap Ban Har, Ph.D.,Marshall Cavendish Institute, Singapore ; formerly professor of mathematics at the Singapore National Institute of Education

Children with Disabilities:

Alison Saracena, Special Education expert, especially with the deaf

Web Publishing Director: Mr. Bryan Forst and Uran Software “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”   John Dewey

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