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Homage to the King of Thailand

Homage to the King of Thailand on our 2nd Anniversary

by Peter J. Foley, Ed.D., editor-in-chief
July 2013 marks the 2nd anniversary of the founding of the educational web site, “Student Centered Learning Thailand”. 
When the web site was conceived, we had the King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand very much in mind.  The King is a life – long learner par excellence.  He is also a great teacher, and his many humanitarian projects for the people of Thailand have also been learning experiences for the nation.  His lessons through projects involving irrigation and flood control and introducing new agricultural methods and crops come quickly to mind.
But it is the spiritual core of student centered learning that the King exemplifies most profoundly.
Compassion is the essential ingredient for a successful teacher in a student centered classroom.  Every student in such a classroom must receive equal attention and care.  The desire of the teacher must be that every child in the classroom succeeds in learning.
Throughout his reign the King of Thailand has emphasized that he cares for all his countrymen and wants all to succeed.   He has paid particular attention to those who are the poorest and neediest.
We mark our 2nd anniversary by paying homage to King Bhumibol Adulyadej which proclaim on the opening page of the website by stating–
We at SCLThailand will continue to be inspired by this great teacher and great King.
Peter J. Foley, Ed.D.

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