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By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D., editor-in-chief Long and close ally to the U.S.A., Thailand is quickly becoming more neutral in global politics. Despite the United States Government‘s declared foreign policy of a pivot back to Asia, there is hardly a better example of the shift in super power influence than that taking place in Thailand. […]

By Peter J. Foley, Editor-in-Chief   Since its declared policy in 1999 to move towards a more student centered system of public education, progress has been slow, especially in rural schools. How can more progress be made in changing teachers’ attitudes and approaches to teaching?   Student Centered Learning Thailand, believes that an important part […]

Op Ed December 2014 In the first 14 years of the 21st Century, has education changed to accommodate the new learning needs of the century? Greg Cairnduff, M Ed, BA, Dip Ed, MACE, Deputy Managing Editor 14th December 2014   At the time of writing we are just 16 days away from the end of […]

Jurgen Zimmer, in this month’s article, “The Situational Approach in Didactics of Higher Education” makes a solid case for progressive education. There are many educational approaches encompassed under the rubric of progressive education and certainly the situational approach is pivotal. At SCLThailand the term student centered  translates into many similar or identical approaches including not only […]

Young Teachers and Young Writers

Young Teachers and Young Writers By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D., editor-in-chief The editorial staff of is making greater efforts to enlist young teachers to write articles on the topic of improving classroom learning. A young teacher from Boston, who is  a Princeton University fellow, writes this month’s article. He will teach this semester at […]

The importance of class size?

Greg Cairnduff, M Ed, BA, Dip Ed, MACE, Deputy Managing Editor 14 September 2014 The question of class size is one of those age old questions that have long been the subject of debate among educators, parents, school administrators, and school planning authorities. At the core of these debates is the endeavour to get the […]

Using Testing Wisely

By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D. Editor-in-Chief Let’s make the distinction right away between high stakes testing and low stakes testing. High stakes testing include standardized tests and final exams. Standardized tests often determine whether someone will get an entrance into University. A final exam often determines in large part the final grade a student will […]

Democracy and Education

OUR THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Democracy and Education By Peter J. Foley, editor-in-chief Featured this month of July — marking the third year anniversary of Student Centered Learning Thailand ( —is the important debate on how teachers should help their students learn. For three years now, SCL Thailand’s web site has promoted a balanced literacy approach […]

by Peter J. Foley, Ed.D. , editor-in-chief This month’s feature article is focused on a story featured in The New York Times about a courageous school girl in Vietnam. The story is about her uncommon will to learn, to become educated despite poverty and lack of support from her parents. She is an exception. Nevertheless […]

Student Centered Learning and Brain Based Learning By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D., editor in chief This month’s article talks about using brain- based learning in the class room. Brain- based teaching and learning is simply using what we know about how the brain processes learning and applying those principles to our teaching methods. Not surprisingly, […]

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