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Brain Based Teaching: KISS

Brain Based Teaching: KISS by Peter J. Foley, Ed.D. David Sousa – “Lecture continues to be the most prevalent model in secondary and higher education but produces the lowest degree of retention.” In Thailand I have met teachers who use brain based teaching in their classroom. This is good. What is disappointing is that the […]

Authentic Learning

Authentic Learning….. from the dictionary: learning that is genuine, real, not false or copied…                              from latin: Original., primary, at first hand In Tasmania in 1980 Rob Banfield started teaching in science, maths, and a few other areas. He has taught in Java at Bandung International School. He holds an Ed.D in leadership professional learning […]

This month we are pleased to present an article by Mr Wichian Chaiyabang, Headmaster of Lamplaimat Patana School [LPMP] in Buriram province, Thailand. This school provides a shining light on student centered learning and how a school where “thinking outside the education box” is the norm for all that happens in there. Under Wichian’s leadership, […]

The results of research are speaking loud and clear: Thai are having a lot of trouble speaking English. Thailand is ranking 55 (out of 60) on EF’s English Proficiency Index (EPI) And Thailand scores lowest in South-East Asia in the English Language Assessment (JELA) Some examples Among many other research results there are my […]

Is a Text just a Text?

Is a Text just a Text? Dr Don W Jordan and Ms Ellen Cornish This article by two of our regular contributors, Ms Ellen Cornish and Dr Don Jordan, continues the discussion about Child Centred, learning as it provides a practical example of how to change an original English text to different levels of complexity, […]

by Bandhit Samtalee, M.Ed Former Deputy Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,  Yala Rajabhat University The local dialects throughout Thailand are rich and beautiful. It is meaningful and precious to people who use the dialect and share a common language bond with their neighbors and friends. Many dialects and even different languages reflect the […]


MOM’S WAY TO SUCCESSFUL STUDENT CENTERED LEARNING: THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING AND IN RESEARCH By Peter J. Foley, Ed.D, editor and chief My mom, Jackie Turner Foley, was a teacher who collaborated with her students. She taught children from ages 8 to 16 years old who had never learned to read properly and […]

Ms Ellen Cornish and Dr Don W Jordan This article by two of our regular contributors, Ms Ellen Cornish and Dr Don Jordan, contributes to the discussion about Child Centred learning as it provides a practical example of how assessment is about more than testing rote learning. The article looks at student self assessment. A […]

Principals Be[a]ware

Principals Be[a]ware!: Student centered learning also requires teacher centered learning and it must permeate every aspect of schooling, even discipline! By Dr. Barbara Kameniar After spending nearly 20 years in teacher education I decided to “put my money where my mouth was” and return to teach in schools in February this year. I had spent […]

Prof. em. Dr. Jürgen Zimmer A LITTLE DIARY FROM THE SCHOOL FOR LIFE – PART II 26th July to 13th August 2012   Hanseatic School for Life, 26th July   A conversation with Sommart Krawkeo. As educational manager, he wants to bring the concept of the Hanseatic (formerly Beluga) School for Life to the far […]

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