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(English) LEARNING COMMUNITIES: An Answer to Improving Teaching in Rural Areas

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I plan to be in Thailand from 13th February to 12th March 2013 running teacher training courses in Bangkok and Chiangrai (popular demand for more since last year’s courses!)

I love the idea of meeting up with teachers from your schools to exchange ideas of best practise for learner-centred learning.

Do you like this idea too?
please write back and let me know
(And if yes, see if we can sort out some dates!!)

Warm regards,

Louise Romain


Hi Louise,
May I suggest you get in touch with Lynda Rolf , the head of the community at The Prem International Center? I am sure you will get a quick response back.
Very best wishes,
Peter ( editor-in-chief)

Hi Peter, I am delighted that you are keeping up the good work, I am an Australian who has now been in Thailand for 2 years. I support 2 children in primary school, They came from Krasang in Buri Ram and now attend the ‘Bovorn’ private school in Ban Phe, Rayong. I am not sure that the school is great but the teachers seem to have a higher level of commitment than do the government school teachers. My only real comparison is with a teacher in Krasang and one in Nai Rai ( government school teachers each) the level of alcohol consumption seems similar and is certainly quite devastating to the learning process.
I would very much appreciate advice of a school in Rayong where ‘student centred learning’ is practiced.


Peter, I’m in Los Angeles right now, it’s interesting that I just talked about your innovative ideas and actions with a friend who is dreaming to change children’s fate by education today. Actually, I believe that when we find out that we are capable to give a better future for children, it’s something like a power giving us excitement and strength. You are doing it well, good luck and have fun.


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