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[:en]Long Live the King [:]

[:en]Long Live the King has been our web site’s banner headline since Student Centered Learning Thailand started. This banner will remain since for us our fond hope was two fold. First, that King Bhumibol the Great would live as long as possible and continue to inspire the nation. Now, sadly, the King has left us in the physical sense. But we also meant by Long Live the King that his ideals, his example of humility, compassion, and intellectual vigor and integrity, would continue through the Thai people and all those who love the nation of Thailand. So the spirit of the King still lives and we expect it to live as long as there is a Thai nation.


We are confident that Thailand will continue to move toward full democracy. We are also confident that full and fair elections will be held and power will be restored to the people and not rest with any one faction in Thai society. We remain confident that the voice of the people will be heard and honored. When this is accomplished the work of His Majesty, Rama IX, will reach fruition.


Long Live the King!


Peter J. Foley, editor-in-chief[:]

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Can anyone comment on the Montessouri system of education and advise which schools in Thailand are the best role models for Student Centred Education (SCE)? Also, to what extent do Internationals schools in Thailand adopt SCE?

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