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Melvin Freestone .

Melvin Freestone

B.A., B.A.(Mod), M.A., H.Dip.Ed., M.Sc.

Consultant for Educational and Community Development


Educated at University of Dublin, Trinity College, Melvin Freestone has extensive experience in teaching as well as in school and curriculum development in primary and secondary schools. He has held Senior Teaching positions in Ireland and Tasmania.  Until recently he was Principal of Montagu Bay Primary School in Tasmania.

Melvin was Project Leader for the development of the National Statement and Curriculum Profile in Technology Education for the Commonwealth Government of Australia. He has been responsible for numerous curriculum projects in primary and secondary education, science and technology, and personal development. He has played a major role in the development and implementation of ICT for learning in Tasmanian schools. He has also been deeply involved in the Essential Learnings Project and the New Tasmanian Curriculum.

As well as being an experienced educator, he is a molecular biologist who has carried out research into the hospital pathogen Staphylococcus aureus.  He is also a keen sportsperson and has a love of classical music.

Melvin carried out a review of Technology Education in Pacific Rim countries for the OECD’s Pacific Circle Consortium. He has conducted residential programs for primary and secondary teachers in Thailand in association with the University of Tasmania. He is currently working with teachers in Nepal, India, and Thailand.

He has played a leadership role in many community development projects including being a founding member and President of Project Hahn Inc., a member of the Port Arthur Recovery Committee [Tasmania] and has facilitated the development and work of many community organizations.  He has a special interest in the development and provision of wilderness therapy for young people.

Melvin focuses on empowerment of the people with whom he works.  He works collaboratively – ‘at the shoulder’ – with educational leaders, senior staff, teachers, parents and members of school and local communities.  His experience and expertise enhance dialogue and action. 

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Hi Melvin…you have resparked my interest in teacher and student questioning…looked for the 2017 article but could not find it…can you send it to me?
Lets get this grounded research going eh!

probably not unusual that we were both in the library!


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